Have You Been Sued By Debt Collector LVNV Funding?

Daniel Gamez
4 min readMar 5, 2019
Have You Been Sued by Debt Collector LVNV Funding?

Have you have been sued by the debt collection company LVNV Funding for credit card debt? If so, then you were probably served a lawsuit by Patenaude & Felix, the law firm LVNV Funding uses to sue borrowers who default on their credit card debt. It’s important to understand how to deal with LVNV Funding. The law firm of Patenaude & Felix focuses exclusively on debt collection, so you need a solid defense to defeat a LVNV Funding lawsuit.

Who Is LVNV Funding?

Most people who have been sued by LVNV Funding don’t know who they are or why they are being served a lawsuit. LVNV is a debt collection company that purchases defaulted credit card debt, mostly from Sychrony Bank. Sychrony Bank offers credit cards for over 100 retailers including Citibank, Chase, American Express, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. So if you haven’t been able to make those credit card payments and your account has fallen into default, then LVNV Funding can purchase that debt for huge discounts and sue you to recover the debt. While it can seem daunting to be served with a lawsuit, there are viable options in dealing with LVNV Funding to get out of debt and save money while doing it.

Can I Beat an LVNV Funding Lawsuit?

Yes, it is very possible beat an LVNV lawsuit if you act fast by negotiating a debt settlement. A debt settlement is a negotiation made between the borrower in default and the lender (LVNV in this case) that the borrower will pay an often greatly reduced percentage of the debt in a lump sum or over a period of time. LVNV would rather settle your debt than pay for a team of lawyers to sue you in costly litigation. Plus, they would rather receive some of your debt then have you declare bankruptcy and receive nothing. You can try to settle your debt on your own if the debt is really small or you can hire a debt settlement attorney who has experience in negotiating a settlement with LVNV Funding. An experienced debt lawyer will get you the best possible outcome and save you money.

For instance, our client owed Synchrony Bank $1,933.51 on a defaulted debt originally owed to Lowe’s. The debt eventually got sent out to collections from Synchrony Bank to Resurgent Capital. When Resurgent could not collect, the debt got sold to LVNV Funding. LVNV Funding referred the account to the Patenaude & Felix law firm to collect the debt. Knowing a lawsuit was around the corner, we negotiated a settlement with LVNV Funding for a one-time lump sum payment of $870.00 (45% of the amount claimed due). We saved our client $1,063.00 on this collection account and helped him avoid a potential lawsuit that would have requested the full balance of the debt due, plus additional attorney’s fees. Read about more of our debt settlement success stories.

Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer if LVNV Funding Files a Lawsuit Against Me?

If you are sued by LVNV Funding, it’s in your best interest to have a legal defense that can stand up to their vast resources. If you ignore a LVNV lawsuit, then the law firm representing them will most likely file a lawsuit against you and obtain a Judgment, which could allow them to seize your funds in a bank levy, garnish your wages or record a lien on your property in order to pay the debt that you owe. Be aware of debt settlement companies, as they are not held to the same standards and ethics under the law. Beating a LVNV lawsuit with a debt settlement means that your debt problem is over. And once the settlement is complete, your credit score will begin to improve quite rapidly.

As my clients will tell you, the savings I offer far outweigh my attorney fees. If you have been sued by LVNV Funding, then contact me at 858–217–5051 for a free debt consultation. I will go over your lawsuit and give you the best options for getting out of debt based on your unique situation.

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